My personal life


JANUARY 23 2021

Today absolutely sucked. I got my phone taken away a few days ago. My mom took it while
I was sleeping and went through it. For literally no reason
She found my true crime stuff and she found the conversations
I was having with other people in the true crime community.
Today I still don't have it and when I asked for it back she told me I wont be getting it back for a long time.
She said maybe forever. I guess I kind of understand her being concerned but she had no reason to go through it in the first place
She just felt like it and took it. Not only that but she also said she is going to be taking my
other phone which is my crappy iPhone 6 but I bought it with my own money awhile ago. She has no right to take it and there is nothing even on the phone anyway. It just my music because back in October when I came back from the mental hospital she made me delete everthing off of it and let me keep my music so I could listen to it.
Now she is saying she wants to take it because she thinks my music is "unhealthy." I listen to KMFDM
She took her own time to listen to some of their songs and that had a freakout about how "bad" it is.
I don't understand why she cant just let me live and experience new things.
This is why I have so many problems. She doesn't treat any of my other siblings that way. Just me.

JANUARY 24 2021

I fucking hate living. My damn parents signed me up for group
therapy at some damn place because of what my mom saw on my phone. She keeps trying to act like she knows whats going on in my head
but she doesn't and she never will. She is the literal reason I want to kms.
and on top of all of that I'm never going to see my therapist again. I know I said I hated her but last week
our meeting actually went very well I feel like she actually helped me but because of my stupid self shes gone.
I am now sitting here in tears because I am so fucking stupid. And my mom keeps saying shit like "whats going on in your head?" and "I probably don't even want to know what you're thinking"
and then just now "I know you're thinking you want to strangle us right now, well actually probably worse because of what goes on in your head."
oh my fucking god I literally can't stand this anymore. I'm going to fucking break I can feel it.
Everyone will feel my wrath.

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